The artist in every boy

We all learn in different ways, whether it be sitting down and writing something over and over, creating a mind map of key concepts, talking to someone and presenting your points or even standing up and learning through physical communication. There is no right or wrong way to learn, so at Scotch we try to embrace the idea of a diverse education experience.

The arts are a proud element of the College with many students participating in music, visual art, drama and creative writing both in class and in their own personal time. These artistic tools are not only being utilised in arts-based classes but also in humanities, science and business where teachers ask boys to design something or act out a scenario that relates to their subject. This is a refreshing way for boys to learn, as sitting behind a desk writing or reading all day is not a learning method that works for all boys.

This week at the College is Arts Week. For the next five days the boys will learn about and embrace different forms of artistic expression, whether that be poetry, drama, painting, sculpting, music or dance. We will have performances from both Scotch boys and other artists to inspire Scotch boys to embrace their creative side, whatever form that takes.

I'm sure many of you are aware of our partnership with FORM, with the Scribblers Festival being a huge success. This was an excellent display of creativity from a literary perspective and gave our boys and students from around the state the tools to express themselves through the written word. This is just one element of the arts and creativity more broadly and is why Arts Week is so important ast provides the boys a greater understanding of the arts. Some boys may have never before experienced a poem read aloud with passion, or a live theatre performance which provokes an emotional response. This week provides them an entry point into this creative, artistic world.

I encourage all boys to embrace their artistic side, not only this week but throughout their life.  We all know that maintaining a balance in life, such as through pursuing the arts, adds to our personal and professional well-being. Even if you're not the most talented painter, writer, musician or actor, being artistic and creative generates a feeling of self-fulfilment. As we begin Arts Week I look forward to seeing our boys inspired.