Community Service and Social Justice

As a leading school in Australia, and one that prides itself on developing an international focus through our status as a World IB and Round Square School, it is imperative that we continue to lead in the area of community service and social justice both at home and abroad.

When one looks at the current political leadership both here and overseas, (or lack thereof), particularly the debate surrounding refugees and the apparently flawed policy solutions aimed at addressing the refugee issue, it is imperative that, devoid of political alliances, we ensure our students are exposed to activities that will open their hearts and minds to the issues facing humanity. The ultimate goal of providing the boys with such experiences is to foster future leaders that may actually make a difference.

Over recent times, in partnership with the Council of Educational Facility Planners International (CEFPI), now Learning Environments Australia, Scotch College embarked on a significant educational project in Tanzania. The Humanitarian Opportunities and Partnerships in Education, our HOPE project is just one example of how we can make a measurable difference for those less fortunate than ourselves.

On a more regular basis, and at the local level, our students continue to engage with Balga Senior High School and North Balga Primary School in working with both refugees and indigenous students on a number of initiatives. In speaking to the leadership teams of both schools, it is clear they appreciate Scotch's engagement and support through our Community and Service programme. As a fellow educator, I could only admire the work of the staff at these schools and the innovative programmes they have introduced in order to address the specific needs of their students.

We continue to be part of a small focus group of leaders in aboriginal affairs, education and industry to examine opportunities in aboriginal education in WA. Currently, Scotch College has 38 indigenous students on scholarships provided by a number of agencies. The focus of our own indigenous programme is to ensure that the boys are provided with a broad base education which will equip them to go on to make a difference for their people and the wider community.

Our focus on Community and Service from Years K - 12 will continue to be a significant differentiator for boys attending Scotch. Our job is not simply to prepare the boys for life but to ensure that they are equipped to make a difference to the world into which they will enter after graduating.

Given the commitment our boys show to service and justice each and every day, I am confident that our young men can and will make a difference for many years to come in areas that are crucial for the future of humanity.