The Culmination of 12 Years

This Saturday marks a very special occasion for our Year 12's, it's the first step in the final year of their journey at Scotch College. The Year 12 Ball represents a rite of passage and a reward for the contribution these boys and their families have made to the College over many years.

Each of these boys has left their mark on the College, whether that be through their academic or sporting achievements or their contribution to the school through the arts or other co-curricular activities.

However, whilst the day will be centred on the boys, it is important to recognize what this day means for the families of the Year 12 boys who have supported them through their many years at Scotch College. Some families have seen multiple boys arrive on the hill to celebrate their ball whilst for others it is a new experience, but this does not diminish the pride that the families have in each and every boy on this very special day.

I would also like to acknowledge the significance this day has for myself and the Staff at the College. Many of the teachers have been working side by side with these Year 12s for many years and have helped them reach where they are today. Seeing these boys grow as learners, leaders and servants to the community has been a privilege and I speak for all the staff when I say that we are immensely proud of the boys and look forward to seeing them grow even more in their final year.

This will be a year full of challenges with examinations and leadership responsibilities and we are confident in the ability of all the boys to take these challenges head on and give it their best. But for now we celebrate. We celebrate not only what they have achieved, but what they have contributed to the College as leaders and young men. Well done boys, you have earned it.