Scotch College: a safe place for every boy

National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence

When I think of a Scotch boy at school, I see them with a smile on their face, talking to their mates, with their biggest worry being their upcoming test or assignment. That's how it is for many boys and that's for what we strive.  However, if just one boy feels unsafe, scared or threatened at school then there is always more we can do. At Scotch we have a zero tolerance policy of violence and bullying, with various ways of reporting incidents as well as providing many avenues for boys to speak to someone in a safe environment.

It is my firm belief that every boy should come to school feeling safe. That is non-negotiable. The safety of our boys is of paramount importance and we strive to create a culture of safety, inclusiveness and tolerance, where every boy, no matter who they are, can thrive. Often boys believe that they can deal with things themselves and that it's not masculine to make a complaint about how someone is making them feel. Young men should be open, honest and not afraid to speak out against people who are hurting or threatening others. Bullying is not just 'a part of school', it should not be tolerated and at Scotch we will continue to do everything we can to make our College a safe place for every boy.